Climate of the Boundary Layer



Michael Leuchner


+49 241 80 96048



The lecture provides a basic understanding of the exchange of momentum, mass and energy - in particular the energy and radiation balance - between atmosphere and surface depending on the stratification of the air and the soil conditions. It highlights the significance and implications of these interactions for people and the landscape. Regional and synoptic aspects of applied climatology and the importance for urban planning and air pollution control are also discussed.

The following topics will be dealt with:

  • Energy, radiation and mass fluxes as well as related balances at and above natural and artificial surfaces as well as the measurement and modeling of such flows or balances
  • Regional aspects of applied and synoptic climatology as well as spatiotemporal climate variability
  • Climatic aspects in urban planning and air pollution control
Degree Programme M.Sc. Applied Geography
Semester Winter semester
Language of Instruction German
Module Applied Climatology and Hydrology
  • Climate of the Boundary Layer
  • Water Management and Hydrology
  • Urban Climatology and Topoclimatology
  • Data Processing and Modeling in Climatology and Hydrology – Dendroclimatology
Requirements None
Credit Points 0 (module 9)
Credit Hours


Examination Oral exam