Klimaschutzrecht : Gesamtkommentar

Frenz, Walter (Editor); Altenschmidt, Stefan (Contributor); Böschen, Stefan Karl Josef (Contributor); Clausen, Elisabeth (Contributor); Ewer, Wolfgang (Contributor); Faut, Hilda (Contributor); Franßen, Gregor (Contributor); Hörbelt, Christoph (Contributor); Leuchner, Michael (Contributor); Ley, Julian (Contributor); Müggenborg, Hans-Jürgen (Contributor); Operhalsky, Benedikt-Immanuel Johannes (Contributor); Posser, Herbert (Contributor); Saurer, Johannes (Contributor); Schink, Alexander (Contributor); Thienel, Tobias (Contributor); Thomas, Henning (Contributor); Weimer, Gregor (Contributor)

Berlin : Erich Schmidt Verlag GmbH & Co (2021)


  • Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering [510000]
  • Unit for Mining, Environmental, and European Law [511220]
  • Chair and Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies [513310]
  • Division of Earth Sciences and Geography [530000]
  • Physical Geography and Climatology Teaching and Research Area [551520]
  • Chair of Society and Technology [751010]


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