Comparison of ozone uptake and sensitivity between a phytotron study with young beech and a field experiment with adult beech ( Fagus sylvatica )

Amsterdam [u.a.] / Elsevier Science (2005) [Journal Article]

Environmental pollution
Volume: 137
Issue: 3
Page(s): 494-506


Selected Authors

Nunn, Angela J.
Kozovits, A. R.
Reiter, I. M.
Heerdt, Christian
Leuchner, Michael

Other Authors

Lütz, Cornelius
Liu, Xiping
Löw, Markus
Winkler, Jana B.
Grams, Thorsten E. E.
Häberle, Karl-Heinz
Werner, Herbert
Fabian, Peter
Rennenberg, Heinz
Matyssek, Rainer