Visit from Dr. Kazuki Nanko

Prof. Leuchner (right) and Dr Nanko (left) on the roof of the seminar building Copyright: © Mona Ziemes

Dr. Kazuki Nanko from the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute of the Department of Disaster Prevention, Meteorology and Hydrology in Tsukuba (Japan) visited us at the Institute from 09.10. to 11.10.2023. Together with Prof. Leuchner, possible joint projects were discussed during his stay. Also, Dr. Nanko went to the TERENO research station Wüstebach in the Eifel mountains to install three disdrometers, which provide many information on precipitation in forests stands. The data will be mutually used for research and teaching purposes.Dr. Nanko's research interests include cross-cutting science at the interface of meteorology, forestry and soil science from an ecohydrological and geomorphological perspectives. This includes rainfall partitioning by forest canopy, tree sway and breakage mechanism, and soil erosion in mountainous forest areas. In addition, he is involved in the development of devices for measuring environmental data.