Concluded Research Projects

Urban Climatology and Topoclimatology
Project Contact
AKA – Aachen Climate Change Adaption Concept Gunnar Ketzler
AKM – Münster Climate Change Adaption Concept Gunnar Ketzler
BESTKLIMA – Climate Change Adaption Concept Remscheid-Solingen-Wuppertal Gunnar Ketzler
City 2020+ – Enginnering Life Quality for the Future – The City Under Global Demographic and Climate Challenges: An Interdisciplinary Assessment of Impacts, Needs and Strategies Gunnar Ketzler
ComRadE - Comparative Study of Radiative and Carbon Fluxes at three Exosystems in Germany, Canada and Costa Rica Michael Leuchner

EKaTeAls - Development of online information on temperature stress in Alsdorf-Mariadorf

Gunnar Ketzler
ESKAPE – Developement of Climate Adaption Processes for the StädteRegion Aachen Gunnar Ketzler

PM-Lab - Cross-Border Research and Cooperation in Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation

Gunnar Ketzler
Rainwater Living Lab Aachen - Thinking Water in the City Together Gunnar Ketzler
UFO – Urban Future Outline Gunnar Ketzler
URBMOBI – Urban Mobile Instruments for Environmental Monitoring Gunnar Ketzler

DynRG TiP – Dynamic Response of Glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau to Climate Change
GABY-VASA – Responses of Glaciers, Biosphere and Hydrology to Climate Variability and Climate Change Across the Southern Andes
Gran Campo Nevado – Climate Variability and the Dynamic Response of the Gran Campo Nevado Ice Cap, Southern Patagonia
IPY Kinnivka & SvalGlac ESF-Project – Dynamic Response of Surface Energy and Mass Balance of Vest- and Austfonna (Nordauslandet, Svalbard) on Climate Change
SvIMEv-CT – Svalbard Ice Mass Evolution in Past and Future - Climate Forcing and Teleconnections
Tianshan – Dynamic Response of Glaciers in the Eastern Tianshan to Climate Change
TIOGA-ICE 2010+ – Tephra Influence on Glacier Ablation on Iceland since 2010

Further Projects
ArGEnT - Assessment and Prediction of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes with Experimental and Machine Learning Techniques
CATAMARAN - Channel Stability Analysis and Future Migration of Meandering Alazani
GIS-KliSchee – Adaption of Winter Sports Tourismin the German Low Mountain Ranges to Climate Change and Weather Variability
OpenGeoResearch KUS (Climate, Environment, City)
TR32 – Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 32 - Subproject C4: Scale-Conistent Two-Way Coupling of Land-Surface and Atmospheric Models
WET – Variability and Trends of Water Balance Components in Benchmark Catchments Areas of the Tibetan Plateau