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  Bieszczady-Mountains Copyright: © Marta Kisiel Bieszczady Mountains - the easternmost mountain range of the Carpathians

The aim of the module is to introduce the students into the working- and processing methods in regional geography based on an example area. After completing this module, the students should have acquired the ability to independently work on regional scientific questions in accordance with the chosen research techniques, such as research in archives or terrain analysis, in a space that is foreign to them. The field trip and the regional seminar form one unit. They have one subject within or outside of Europe, with the focus on questions from the self-chosen specification. In the seminar, the general conditions of the destination area are elaborated, while the field trip aims to gain depper knowledge on specific topics using visual examples. The regional seminar or parts of it can be integrated into the field trip, so that the field trip can last up to 14 days. Another aim of the module is to deepen acquired knowledge in presentation techniques, time management methods and scientific writing. The destinations of past years included southern Germany, northern Germany, the Pacific Northwest of the USA, Iceland and Scotland.

Degree Programme B.Sc. Applied Geography
Semester 4. Semester
Language of Instruction German
Regional Module
  • Regional seminar
  • Regional field trip
Credit Points
  • Regional seminar - 4
  • Regional field trip - 4
Requirements for participation in the field trip

Module Physical Geography

  • Field trip: protocol
  • Seminar: Homework assignment and presentation