Data Processing and Modeling in Climatology Using the Example of Dendroclimatology


Burkhard Neuwirth


Burkhard Neuwirth



The block course "Data processing and modeling in climatology using the example of dendroclimatology" aims at the preparation and analysis of tree-ring time series derived from tree ring sequences of Central European trees. Based on the discussion of the importance of climatic growth factors for tree ring growth, a critical approach to climate constructions relevant in the current climate debate should be made possible. The course focuses on the field of dendroclimatology, especially in the creation, preparation and interpretation of tree-ring chronologies of living trees. It includes the introduction and use of the programming language R for data processing and graphical representation of the results.

The following topics will be dealt with:

  • Tree rings (JR) as carriers of climate signals – basics
  • Tree ring parameters - Measurement techniques for JR data
  • Preparation of JR data
  • Time Series Analyzes in Dendroclimatology
  • Climate Constructions - Case Studies
Degree Programme M.Sc. Applied Geography
Semester Summer semester
Language of Instruction German
Module Applied Climatology and Hydrology
  • Climate of the Boundary Layer
  • Water Management and Hydrology
  • Urban Climatology and Topoclimatology
  • Data Processing and Modeling in Climatology and Hydrology – Dendroclimatology
  • Climate of the ground-level air layer
  • Water management and hydrology
Credit Points 0 (module 9)
Credit Hours
  • 1
  • Block course on five dates
Examination Protocol


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