Introduction to Dendroclimatology

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Burkhard Neuwirth


Burkhard Neuwirth



The block course "Introduction to Dendroclimatology" presents annual rings of woody plants - perennial herbs, shrubs and trees - as well as their suitability as data carrier of environmental and in particular climate information of bygone times. The course introduces the basics of dendroclimatology, introduces ways of working and thinking in the field of annual growth rings, and leads to the independent performance of a extreme year analysis - a possibility to derive climate signals from growth anomalies even without extensive laboratory techniques. The seminar sessions serve as a theoretical introduction to the extreme-year analysis of time series and present practical examples for the preparation of a small homework assignment, in which the participants independently derive and interpret annual growth rings in a climatic way.

The following topics will be dealt with:

  • From wood to the climate signal - the basis of dendroclimatology
  • Tree ring parameters - Characteristics, measurement techniques and applications
  • Features of tree rings chronologies and event years
  • Cross dating - wise years and their synchronization
  • year analysis
Degree Programme B.Sc. Applied Geography
Language of Instruction German
Credit Points 1
Credit Hours
  • 1
  • Block course on five dates
Examination Homework assignment