Advanced Lecture



Michael Leuchner


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The aim of the module is to provide students with specific knowledge and working methods in the field of applied geography, depending on the choice of focus. The subjects deal with topics which are exemplary suitable to convey a further understanding of the working methods and problems of applied geography in the fields of physical geography and human geography. After completion of this module, students should have acquired the ability to work out specific problems in the treated areas of specialization independently and to formulate appropriate solutions. Furthermore, it is an aim of the module to deepen already acquired knowledge in presentation techniques, methods of time management and scientific writing with regard to the upcoming bachelor thesis.

The topics change every semester. The focus of the topics depends on the lecturers who hold the advances lecture in the semester. Climatological topics:

  • Dendroecology in Geography and Earth Sciences
  • Geography of Polar Regions
  • Mountain glaciers: present status, water resources and sea level rise under climate change
Degree Programme B.Sc. Applied Geography
Semester 5. Semester and 6. Semester
Language of Instruction German
Advanced Module 1 and 2
  • Advanced Seminar
  • Advanced Lecture
  • Module Economic Geography
  • Module Physical Geography
  • Module Human Geography
Examination Written or oral exam