Research Projects

  Tower with climate measuring devices in forest Copyright: © Jordan Bates and Carsten Montzka, Forschungszentrum Jülich



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The current projects address various topics of urban climatology and climate adaptation, regional climatology, as well as radiation and energy fluxes.


The aim of the MW3 project is to develop a standardized monitoring system and protocol in order to record and analyze growth responses of important Central European forest tree species with a focus on climatic extremes.


The CIDY project uses data on the inner city of Aachen to lay the foundations for a simulation tool to map inner city dynamics.

OpenGeoResearch OpenGeoResearch is a participative online platform where spatially localizable questions on climate, environment and urban issues can be discussed in a community and also answered by experts.
ArGEnT At ArGEnT, research is being conducted to quantify the net carbon exchange between ecosystems and the atmosphere using an improved eddy covariance technique.
ComRadE ComRadE is a study comparing radiative and carbon fluxes in three ecosystems in Germany, Canada and Costa Rica in an international collaboration.
SOLUTION The SOLUTION project is concerned with determining the role of forest cover and precipitation distribution on chemical denudation rates in a small headwater catchment.