EKaTeAls - Development of online information on temperature stress in Alsdorf-Mariadorf


Initial situation

Within the ESKAPE project, main thermal load areas in the urban region of Aachen were investigated, for example also the central area of the city of Alsdorf. In this project, online information on thermal load in sub-centers of Alsdorf were developed in a similar form. Special attention was paid to the special effects of the post-mining uses.

Project goals

During the URBMOBI project, fast temperature sensors were developed. In this project, measurement data of these measuerment runs were processed with the geostatistical analysis method developed at the Department of Geography. From this, tools for the online evaluation of thermal load were developed.

Funding City of Alsdorf

Department of Geography RWTH Aachen, Department of Physical Geography and Climatology:

  • Main contact person: Dr. Gunnar Ketzler
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Leuchner
Cooperation City of Alsdorf (de)