Münster Climate Change Adaptation Concept

In the AK Münster project, climatological criteria were developed as a basis for a climate change adaptation concept for the City of Münster.

The main attempt was based on the following steps:

  • Definition of criteria such as parameters of exposition: daily and evening heat load, nocturnal cooling and air quality as well as threshold values for assessment,
  • Measurment and modelling of spatial distribution of parameters of exposition,
  • Definition of parameters of sensitivity such as population statistics and calculation of results for statistical units,
  • GIS-based combination of exposition and sensitivity parameter based on statistical units,
  • Consideration of climate functions.

Modelling was performed using partly geostatistical models based on mobile measurements as described in the preceeding projects URBMOBI and City2020+. Partly, the cold air drainage model KLAM_21 of the Deutscher Wetterdienst was used. Model output was processed to obtain results according to VDI Richtlinie 3787 - Lokale Kaltluft for use in planning procedures.

The project was coordinated by the City of Münster and cofinanced by the Federal Ministery of Environment.