Climate Monitoring Station Aachen-Hörn


Geographical Coordinates

222m a.s.l.


Since 1985, the department has operated the climate monitoring station in Aachen-Hörn, which has been operated fully automatically since 1989. The station is situated in the west of Aachen, surrounded by residental area and loosely arranged university buildings.

In compliance with international regulations, the following climate characteristics are registered:

  • Atmospheric pressure
  • air temperature,
  • soil temperature,
  • relative humidity,
  • precipitation,
  • evaporation,
  • global radiation,
  • diffuse sky radiation,
  • sunshine,
  • wind direction
  • wind speed

The registrations of the current weather data are archived as 10-minute average or extreme values. The data can be made available to interested parties - for a fee if necessary.

The Department of Physical Geography and Climatology produces monthly reports of registrations on a daily basis for the university and the public. Among other things, they form the basis for the annual weather report published on the website of the station, which has already been published in abbreviated form in advance in the local media and is available in tabular form.

The station does not serve as a classic weather station in an official and / or private network, but has the task to provide information about weather and climate for teaching and research in geography as well as for applications in research and technology. It serves as a reference station for regional climate research projects at the Department of Geography.