Reference values for experiments


Information for RWTH internal users

Air Pressure

The air pressure at altitude is stated (IT-Center in the Ahornstreet = 222 m above sea level). For the altitude correction, it is possible to approximate an air pressure decrease of 11.8 hPa per 100 m altitude; based on an annual average temperature of 10 ° C. If the altitude is not known exactly, the following examples can serve as reference values.

Measurement Location

Altitude (groundfloor level)

correction value

IT Center

215 - 225 m above see level

0 hPa

Kopernikusstraße, University Hospital, Melaten, Königshügel (Chemistry, Sports Center, Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße)

200 - 210 m above see level

+ 1,5 hPa

Railway Station West, Audimax

185 - 195 m above see level

+ 3,5 hPa

Central Area, Karman-Forum, Lochnerstraße

170 - 190 m above see level

+ 4,5 hPa

Air Temperature and Humidity

The air temperature is given in 2 m above sea level. A generally valid method of correcting elevation or city-related effects can not be recommended. These effects are in the above mentioned areas relatively small, 1 K at the temperature, to set. If, especially in extreme weather conditions, very precise reference values ​​are required, advice is recommended.