The climatology working group at the Geographical Institute has the following instruments at its disposal.

Permanent Weather Stations

The working group operates two permanent weather stations, one of them in a suburban location on the RWTH campus Hörn, the other at the RWTH sports camp Wildenhof in the North-Eifel low mountain area at lake Rursee.

Mobile Weather Stations

In addition, the facility has several portable weather stations with sensors for radiation, wind, temperature, humidity and ground temperature measurements, which are used for temporary measurements in field courses and scientific projects. In addition, there is a small measuring trailer which can be equipped with various sensors and used at variable measuring locations. For fully mobile measurements, there are various hand-held measuring devices.

Further Measuement Equipment

For special measurements, the facility includes an eddy covariance measuring station, additional ultrasonic anemometers, a particulate matter measuring device and mobile climate sensors for use on measuring vehicles.


Measuring Instruments