The Field Seminar of the Climatology Group During the Summer Semester 2021 Will Take Place in Georgia

Snow-covered mountains Copyright: Michael Leuchner



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Georgia offers a high natural diversity despite the relatively small area of ​​the republic. Therefore, it is possible to get a very nice overview of numerous physical-geographical aspects in a small space. Special emphasis of the regional module is on climatological, ecological, hydrological and geomorphological issues, but also human geographic topics like tourism geography, urban geography, as well as cultural and historical aspects. The planned tour leads from the capital Tbilisi to the beaches of the Black Sea coast as well as the Small and Greater Caucasus. Here we will probably make a hike to the Adisha Glacier and spend a night in the tent there on site. The field trip will be carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Geography of Tbilisi State University. You have the opportunity to participate in active research. The field trip also includes climatological measurements.